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     Radical Quilts is a privately owned and operated business I started 12 years ago. I started quilting as a hobby and was able to turn my passion into a business. I have been quilting for over 26 years. I began taking classes in hopes of making simple quilts for my children’s bedrooms. As I learned different techniques, I fell in love with every aspect of quilting.  I try and challenge myself to new methods and techniques.
     At the start of my business 12 years ago, I purchased a Gammil longarm quilting machine. I took a training class with one of the best teachers Linda Taylor.  With the use of this machine I have acquired the ability to quilt customer quilts, both edge-to-edge designs and also custom quilting. Recently, I have upgraded my machine to a Statler Stitcher. This machine has the capability to  do special designs but still gives me the ability to do my own quilting style.
     My interest and desire to create difficult, yet original quilts has given me the opportunity to work with Judy Niemeyer. Judy Niemeyer produces quilt patterns based on paper piecing. I have made my first Judy Niemeyer quilt “4th of July” about 6 years ago for a close friend and gave it to her for her birthday.  In June 2011, I took a class from Judy herself and was hooked with her method of doing the quilts.  It is well organized.  I decided to apply to the Judy Niemeyer Teacher Certification Program in October and was accepted into the program.  In July 2012 I was officially certified to teach Judy’s patterns.  Since June 2011, I have completed over 36  of Judy’s quilts, and am working on more. I truly enjoy the process of quilting and teaching others. When I teach a class I love the excitement of the students when they finish their project.  The often come in to the class saying I can’t do it… and leave saying what is the next class you are teaching. 
     I am now offering more classes, Guild Trunk Shows/Lectures and workshops. If you are interested in having me teach or do a show, please contact me for more information.

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